Alone in a New City

Picking up and moving after graduation was an exciting, scary choice. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for the past two years, but I felt like I was repeating the same old mantra. “After graduation I want to move!” I kept saying this, and I kept picking new cities, but I never had a concrete plan. Then, life hit, and graduation quickly approached. I didn’t have any job offers for after school. I still hadn’t picked a city. I had no plans.

I was sitting at my desk at my internship when I picked Austin, Texas. A city I’d never been to in my life. I liked what I saw via Google and I liked what I heard from people who had been. It’s considered the live music capital of the world, active, outdoorsy, and home to University of Texas. Oh, and winter really isn’t a thing. So, I found an apartment and roommate on Facebook, signed a lease before ever stepping foot in Austin, and packed my bags to move 17 hours away from home.


I’m alone mostly. My roommate has been out of the country, so I’m basically living and doing everything completely alone. I don’t mind it, and I’d even say I prefer it. I’ve learned a lot about myself within these past few weeks. Yet, friendships are important to me. I’m doing a variety of things to meet people. I use this app called Meetup where you join a variety of groups that fit your interest and then attend events. I’ve met several nice people through this app, and I highly recommend people use it if they’re moving to a new city. It was a little awkward walking into the first event alone, but after some alcohol and realizing everyone was new to the city, it turned out to be really fun night.

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been in Austin. I love it. It’s more than I ever thought it would be. I spend my days exploring or setting up in a coffee shop to apply to thousands of jobs. The vibe of Austin is everything I thought it would be. Walls full of graffiti, streets filled with people, and dozens of non-chained restaurants and bars.

"If you’re worried about a job, that’s bullshit."

I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. If you’re a person who has thought about picking up and moving, I say do it. Recently, one of my best friends told me advice that her patient gave her, “If you go somewhere and you love it, move there. If you’re worried about a job, that’s bullshit. Go do—you only have one life.”

Words to live by.

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