Fiverr Launhces Pro Service

Fiverr is a great way to start a side hustle. You can charge people $5 for just about anything from voiceovers for film to legal writing. Of course, whatever service you offer, should be able to deliver in a timely manner. Most requests are completed within 24 hours. homepage homepage

The Pro services is basically a giant filter. It's free to use and connects you with the top Fiverr users by rating and experience. Pro members get a fancy, golden badge to indicate their status. This small addition suggests the company is seeking higher-end professionals to join their service. With growing competition from sites like DesignCrowd, this seems like a smart move.

Fiverr launched back in 2010 and has become quite the hot-spot for freelancers. If you rather not hustle others in the rather competitive market, it's still a useful tool for getting professional work done for the low as a consumer.

Fiverr is situated out of Tel Aviv, Israel, which is quite the emerging tech market. For those interested, I've included an awesome documentary from Wired on the startup economy in Tel Aviv and neighboring cities below. It's kind of long, so you might have to add it to your "Watch Later" playlist. Definitely worth checking out.