Stray Soul Ent. x BLKRN: Strangers in the Night [Photoshoot]

A focal point of BLKRN has always been teaming up with other creators and organizations. This will continue to be one on the core operations of Blakrein this year, with The BLKRN Collective initially debuting at the late-end of the ever-eventful yesteryear that was 2016.

For this photoshoot, BLKRN teamed up with two of the masterminds behind 614's very own Stray Soul Ent., Daniel Meredith (a.k.a. Danny Soto) and Isaiah C. Boyd. Shots were taken a few weeks ago on a rather cold night Downtown, Columbus. The final edits juxtapose the harmony of light and darkness, a theme eminating in both Stray Soul and BLKRN media. Checkout the official photo release below. Please, enjoy.