Welcome to BLKRN Music!


For some of you who have been following the BR movement for a while now, you may have known that BLKRN was originally founded as BlakRein Ent., a hip-hop duo featuring myself and best friend at the time (and to this day), Isaiah Ingram, a.k.a. iCi. As BLKRN evolved into broader interests, I wanted to find a way to stay true to the core of the initial legacy. BLKRN Music was my answer to that. Here you will find posts about (wait for it...) music! The blog will break down into four critical parts:

  1. BLKRN RECords
  2. Modern Classics
  3. S'LEKT
  4. The Beat Parlor


BLKRN RECords will feature work from the original BlakRein Ent. members, iCi and I (CDX, to the SoundCloud world). It seems like a label, but it really isn't. It's just a was for us to keep the original unit alive. Of course, if you'd like to collaborate on an original track, you can always email me at cdxbeats@gmail.com.

Modern Classics

Modern Classics debuted on SoundCloud last summer in July. It is our in-house, hand-selected compilation series featured undiscovered talent on SoundCloud. To qualify, submissions cannot be from accounts with more than 1000 followers of an average of 5K plays. No genre is specified, so no genre will be turned down.


S'LEKT builds on the concepts of both Modern Classics and The Blakrein Collective. S'LEKT is a special partnership between BLKRN and certain artists to have their work published to our site for a negotiated period. While open to everyone, S'LEKT will focus more on quality and have a more premium, high-end vibe. With S'LEKT, artists will also have the option to submit music videos in audition to their original audio files.

The Beat Parlor

Last but not least, The Beat Parlor is something I've been wanting to start for a very long time. It will serves as a creative aide for aspiring music producers, engineers, and musicians. It will effectively be a blog of its own, as it will host an array of services from production tips and tutorials, hardware reviews, and suggestions for beginners to useful plug-ins, drum kits, and presets (including some in-house goodies as well).

These are some of the main features coming to the site over the next few months that I wanted to share with you. BLKRN is continually growing and experimenting with new features and ideas. If you wouldn't mind, I'd greatly appreciate it if you all subscribe to the BR Music Newsletter below, so that you can stay up-to-date with exactly when we drop these features. Of course, it helps me out too by knowing how many people are reading and what you all care about the most.

That's it for now, but, as always, do good and spread love!