What Is is a news, lifestyle, and entertainment website based in Columbus, OH. It's second major revamp launches November 1, 2017.

Why the name "BlakRein"?

BlakRein is a metaphor for an amorphous mist of existential dread, in which we believe humanity is infinitely suspended (it is well within our brand culture to encourage deep thinking).

BlakRein vs BLKRN

BLKRN is the common abbreviation for BlakRein. We like the bold statement it makes.


DISCRETE CO is, allegedly, a collective of secret enterprises owned by a mythical demigod by the name of Demujo. The BLKRN Enterprise is speculated to be among them. We decline to comment further on such speculation.

What is the Grand Narrative?

The Grand Narrative can be thought of as our brand's thought matrix, presented in a very special way. You see, BLKRN is more than a brand. It is a lifestyle. One for the aspiring imagination-saavy creative, the industrious street-saavy side hustler, or perhaps the escaped tech-saavy dropout. Both old and newly awakened individuals are welcome among us.

What the Grand Narrative actually is, of course, is up to the audience. Each of our visitors will understand and interpret it differently. For more on understanding the Grand Narrative, see our previous post below.

Is BLKRN a Cult?

Yes, and a culture of the most beautiful minds you could fathom (if you are the type to introspectively ponder how to fathom a beautiful mind, we'd love to have you in our network).