Unraveling the Grand Narrative

I talk about a lot of "deep" things. We should be more mindful of people's sensitivities to such topics. Will I stop, of course not, but I do make genuine effort for people to understand. That starts with thinking. I'd argue writing is the next most important. Me sharing what I've been thru isn't to make you all feel time of way; it's a matter of me accepting me and my past for what it is, so that I can plan for a better future. I ask that everyone allow themselves time for deep introspection. It likely won't be pretty or easy. In my case, it was very unnerving, but the sense of peace achieved from making it back from the rabbit hole made it worth it.

Instead of running from fear, find a means of creativity that will allow you to face it directly, while inspiring others to face their fears at the same time. As some of you now know, BlakRein Entertainment was the end result of my own tackling of suicidal thoughts from pent up depression and anxiety, starting way back when in my teenage years.

Inside of myself, one thing that worked well for me was taking elements from traditional narrative writing and applying them to my own life "brand." It made navigating my mind a lot easier...