DECODED, Ep. 1, The End of Time (The Grand Narrative) [Script]

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TEV 220 of DISCRETE CO Solar Empire (Narrator):

As you grow older, do you find yourself with less or perhaps entirely without imagination? Who told you that you were too old to believe in your youthful ways of thinking? There exist a bountiful establishment repressing our people from Truth. What is Truth? The fact that we do not know is perhaps the most primary of evidence that we, as a society, are indeed in need of a wakeup call. It's been a while since such scale of people have questioned the system at power. The fact that we are seeing chaos globally simply means that it's time for a planetary system-update.

What kind of update, you ask? Well, energy will always be the most viable commodity to any self-sustaining economy (which is why oil owners are literal royalty, publically or privately worshipped), so I think its important to start there, in terms of discussing how we go about resolving power issues within systems of order (religion, class, government, etc.), that is.

On a another note, I'm glad to see pioneers like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, roaming freely in the wild, pushing us along in the direction of both autonomous and eco-friendly transportation. Not to mention private space travel. I do think more people ought to seriously consider leaving Earth, especially if we keep pretending, like we're not committing existential suicide, letting our hopes and dreams die for all fucksake and conformity. The cost of this is our freedom as a republic, and I personally don't like my rights impeded upon.

Our host star, the sun, is currently the most abundant energy source within our immediate access from Earth, at least that we as civilians know of. However, we, as a collective species, have sucked at finding a way to harvest its magnificent energy. Perhaps in ancient times that knowledge was manifested, but it was likely lost in translation over the millennia. Of course, it's also possible that information is being withheld from the people.

This shouldn't be so, as it goes against the beloved Constitution and all, but what about every other Great Nation? Are they not as valuable? Are they unruly or misguided for abiding to a codec of reality that renders and convolves differently than our own means of interpretation? I love my country, but at times I lose all hope for our people when we begin to think we matter more than other humans. Nothing about America is even real. I'm curious to know if others have thought about renaming the country. If so, what would you call it?

The millennials were the first generation brought up in a truly always-on-always-connected economy. Social media, email, instant messaging, smartphones, consumer tablets, and the internet itself are all economic novelties. They just happened to entirely uproot all previous establishments in power, leaving a gaping shithole in humanity. But I believe we can fix it, and, to totally sound like a hippie, I think it starts with love.

Real love. That genuine shit.

Solar technology is not being developed at a rate fast enough to sustain the growth of the population, but I think if we learn how to harvest the untapped reserves of never-ending love within each and every one of us, we can at least learn how to better share our resources. Is that so much to ask for, even as independent nations? Sharing isn't sacrificing strength or identity, yet we literally spend trillions to kill for those who have less than us. America, why do we allow for this burden to be placed upon us as citizens? Our voices do matter. I've personally seen words uplift the most depressed of spirits, including my own.

Words can also destroy others, which is why self-awareness will be vital for every individual to achieve if we are to truly live in peace. Words can hurt, but forgiveness is non-negotiable. With out it, you allow for a system that will manipulate you. Not only should you be mindful of every word that enters your consciousness, you should be equally attentive to your own drivel. As humans, we indeed drivel.

Haphazardly going back to the sun, I'd love to see more solar panels going up on all of these new developments, as we undergo the emerging "mega" city evolution emerging in urban development projects across international borders over the past few decades. I know that costs billionaire money, but let's be honest, the government has been in the pocket of big business perhaps since the beginning of time.

Now, going back to Truth. To me, Truth is God. It's love. It's everything that encompasses the observable universe and beyond. It is total absence of fear, death of which is usually the hardest to overcome.

The narrative used to go, "the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Times have certainly changed. I think now the people are finally ready. I think it's time we write a new narrative. A Grand Narrative. One in which we individually rewrite our fates as an informed society. How? It all goes back to having imagination and loving experiences to reflect on and pray for. We want to call upon a community of great thinkers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, creators, activists, and anyone else interested in peacefully using art, data, and meaningful conversation to simply spread love and positive, useful information, while advancing our species along the cosmic frontier. 

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Fun fact: Blog content inspired by Vietnam 101: The War on Campus by Rich Orloff. It amazes me how, no matter how much we learn, nothing ever seems to change as a society.


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Why the name "BlakRein"?

BlakRein is a metaphor for an amorphous mist of existential dread, in which we believe humanity is infinitely suspended (it is well within our brand culture to encourage deep thinking).

BlakRein vs BLKRN

BLKRN is the common abbreviation for BlakRein. We like the bold statement it makes.


DISCRETE CO is, allegedly, a collective of secret enterprises owned by a mythical demigod by the name of Demujo. The BLKRN Enterprise is speculated to be among them. We decline to comment further on such speculation.

What is the Grand Narrative?

The Grand Narrative can be thought of as our brand's thought matrix, presented in a very special way. You see, BLKRN is more than a brand. It is a lifestyle. One for the aspiring imagination-saavy creative, the industrious street-saavy side hustler, or perhaps the escaped tech-saavy dropout. Both old and newly awakened individuals are welcome among us.

What the Grand Narrative actually is, of course, is up to the audience. Each of our visitors will understand and interpret it differently. For more on understanding the Grand Narrative, see our previous post below.

Is BLKRN a Cult?

Yes, and a culture of the most beautiful minds you could fathom (if you are the type to introspectively ponder how to fathom a beautiful mind, we'd love to have you in our network).


Unraveling the Grand Narrative

I talk about a lot of "deep" things. We should be more mindful of people's sensitivities to such topics. Will I stop, of course not, but I do make genuine effort for people to understand. That starts with thinking. I'd argue writing is the next most important. Me sharing what I've been thru isn't to make you all feel time of way; it's a matter of me accepting me and my past for what it is, so that I can plan for a better future. I ask that everyone allow themselves time for deep introspection. It likely won't be pretty or easy. In my case, it was very unnerving, but the sense of peace achieved from making it back from the rabbit hole made it worth it.

Instead of running from fear, find a means of creativity that will allow you to face it directly, while inspiring others to face their fears at the same time. As some of you now know, BlakRein Entertainment was the end result of my own tackling of suicidal thoughts from pent up depression and anxiety, starting way back when in my teenage years.

Inside of myself, one thing that worked well for me was taking elements from traditional narrative writing and applying them to my own life "brand." It made navigating my mind a lot easier...