Looking for beats, eh? Look no further! Our beat shop features high-quality instrumentals, just waiting to have your vocals recorded over them! Browse our latest beats and purchase your next hit in our Instrumental Catalog below. All beats are produced exclusively by Codex Concordia Productions (@CDXBeats). New beats added every week!

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BLKRN Visual Content Solutions (Coming Soon)

BlakRein Visual Content Solutions will offer photography and branding services, from flyers for upcoming gigs to album covers, etc.. We are most interested in working with models and musicians looking to boost their visual presence online. Exceptional artists will have the opportunity to have their work featured in future publications currently in development.

Featured Below: Season II Portrait Portfolio via Tev '220' Ademu-John (@tevxcv)


Founder's Letter was founded with empowerment and self-expression in mind. We wanted to build a site where we could not only network and collaborate with local creators, but also showcase the talent we've worked with (and also find a way to pay our bills without selling our souls). Below, you can read a letter from Tev, the chief visionary behind BLKRN, on his call to persistence and the importance of overcoming difficult situations to move forward with making your dreams a reality.

Disclosure: Reader's discretion is advised. Rather passionate language is used throughout the passage.

A memo from the creator via Isuu

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